Die vornehme Dame Kuo-kuo und ihre Schwestern reiten aus, Li Gonglin (1049-1106)

Beauties on an Outing, Li Gonglin (1049-1106)

丽人行, 北宋李公麟 (1049-1106)

Weintöpfe in Shaoxing in der Provinz Zhejiang, darin fermentiert «Shaoxing-Reiswein»

Wine pots with Shaoxing wine in Shaoxing, Province Zhejiang


Huangshan, den Gelben Bergen, aufgenommen, Provinz Anhui

Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain in Province Anhui


Dorf Zhuge in der Provinz Zhejiang

Zhuge Village in Province Zhejiang


Jiayuguan, ein altes Festung im Westen der Provinz Gansu

Jiayuguan, an old fort in the west of Gansu Province


Chinesische Mauer etwa 150 km von Beijing entfernt

Great Wall,located about 150 kilometers from Beijing


The International Chinese Language Teaching Case Competition


Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban)
“The International Chinese Language Teaching Case Competition”



With the aim to innovate the teaching ideas and models and invite Chinese language teachers all over the world to share their teaching achievements meeting the Curriculum criterion, the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) will hold the “The International Chinese Language Teaching Case Competition” to all Chinese language teachers and practitioners in the field both at home and abroad, collecting lesson examples in compliance with the Curriculum.


  • 第一阶段(2014年6月10日):大赛启动
  • 第二阶段(2014年6月10日—7月10日):在线征集参赛作品
  • 第三阶段(2014年7月10日-30日):在线投票
  • 第四阶段(2014年8月):专家评审
  • 第五阶段(2014年9月):获奖公布

Phases of the Competition:

  • First phase (starting from June 10th, 2014): Launch of the competition
  • Second phase (June 10th-July 10th, 2014): Online entries
  • Third phase (July 10th-30th, 2014): Online voting
  • Fourth phase (August 2014): Expert review
  • Fifth phase (September 2014): Awards announcement



1. 参赛作品应参照《大纲》的标准,按照以下分类进行作品提交


2. 参赛作品以Word格式上传,作品限使用中文或英文;

3. 每位参赛者最多提交20篇作品。

4. 提交方式:登录大赛活动页keli.chinesecio.com进行在线上传参赛作品

5. 1-6级分别设优秀作品一等奖5名,二等奖10名,三等奖25名,颁发证书并奖励。

6. 课例大赛联系方式:

邮箱:keli@chinesecio.com 联系电话:+8610 59307520、58595821


  1. All entries of the competition should follow the standards in the Curriculum and should be submitted according to the following classification.

(1)Levels: with reference to the objectives and contents of Level 1-6 in the Curriculum
(2)Target students: preschool children, primary school students, secondary school students, university students and adults
(3)Topics: selected from Appendix 5 “CLT Topic Suggestions” in the Curriculum
(4)Lesson structure: conventional model, task-based model, theme-based model, cross-disciplinary model etc.

2. All entries should be uploaded in Chinese or English in the format of Word.

3. Each participant is allowed to submit 20 entries as the maximum.

4. Ways of submission: Login the official website of the competition at keli.chinesecio.com to submit works.

5. Awards: For each level of 1 to 6, there will be 5 first-prize winners, 10 second-prize winners and 25 third-prize winners, who will be awarded with certificates and prizes.

6. Contact us

Email: keli@chinesecio.com Tel: +8610 59307520 / 58595821