Die vornehme Dame Kuo-kuo und ihre Schwestern reiten aus, Li Gonglin (1049-1106)

Beauties on an Outing, Li Gonglin (1049-1106)

丽人行, 北宋李公麟 (1049-1106)

Weintöpfe in Shaoxing in der Provinz Zhejiang, darin fermentiert «Shaoxing-Reiswein»

Wine pots with Shaoxing wine in Shaoxing, Province Zhejiang


Huangshan, den Gelben Bergen, aufgenommen, Provinz Anhui

Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain in Province Anhui


Dorf Zhuge in der Provinz Zhejiang

Zhuge Village in Province Zhejiang


Jiayuguan, ein altes Festung im Westen der Provinz Gansu

Jiayuguan, an old fort in the west of Gansu Province


Chinesische Mauer etwa 150 km von Beijing entfernt

Great Wall,located about 150 kilometers from Beijing



Ask Confucius…

If you have any questions regarding China, the Chinese Language, Culture or Writing, please do not hesitate to contact us at CIUB. We will try to answer them as soon as possible or we will pass you on to our China experts!

Ask Confucius: info-ciub@unibas.ch



 1. What kind of programs do you offer in the Confucius Institute at present?

We organize a Chinese language program, Calligraphy classes, a Summer Camp, and the Salon chinois with lectures about Chinese culture. We will offer more programs in the future.

2. I would like to attend the Summer Camp at the Confucius Institute. How can I register?

The 2014 Summer Camp will only be offered to students at the University of Basel. From 2015 onwards, our Summer Camp will be open to all students who have studied at our Confucius Institute.

3. Do I need to register for the Salon chinois?

No need for registration.

4. I don’t speak Chinese but I want to learn it. Can I take some courses at your Confucius Institute?

Our Confucius Institute does not offer Chinese language courses for beginners. Please contact the Volkshochschule Beider BaselGGG or Sprachenzentrum der Universität.

5. I have already learned Chinese for some time. Can I take the HSK test at the Confucius Institute?

Yes, our Confucius Institute is one of the HSK test centers.

6. How often will the HSK tests be hosted at Confucius Institute and how do I register?

We host HSK online tests about 10 times every year. And you can find further details at ciub.ch/en/services/hsk-test/.

7. I am a Chinese teacher in Switzerland. Can I obtain further education and a certificate at the Confucius Institute?

Yes, Chinese teacher training courses will be hosted in our institute. You will get a certificate if you complete the training.

8. Do you offer any course for children to learn Chinese?

We do not offer Chinese language courses for children at the moment. You can find information at 瑞士唐人中文学校 or Han Tong Chinese School

9. I am still studying in high school (Gymnasium). Can I learn Chinese at your institute during the summer holidays?

We are sorry, that we do not offer summer courses for high school students. Please refer to the institutions mentioned above (see answer 4).

10. I will go to China for business. Do you offer any preparation courses? 

Yes, we have a one day preparation course for business people on request. Please contact us for detailed information.

11. Do you offer scholarships for studying in China?

Yes, we offer several kinds of scholarships to support your studies in China. Please contact us for further information.

12. Can I borrow books from your library?

Our library hosts over 3000 books and videos, which can be consulted by the public at our institute but cannot be taken out.

13. I am interested to know more about Chinese culture, for example Chinese music, Chinese food and tea. Are there any cultural courses on these topics?

You can find the information about the latest courses here. You are also welcome to our Salon chinois to find out more about Chinese culture.

14. If I have further questions or need some advices, can I make an appointment with you? How to make an appointment?

Yes, we have consultation hours from 9:30 to 11:30 and from 14:00 to 16:00, except Friday. You can send us an email (info-ciub@unibas.ch) to make an appointment.